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Blog Tour: Tomorrow We Will Know by Sandra Worth

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Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453
by Sandra Worth

Publication Date: February 27, 2023

Genre: Historical Fiction



In this suspenseful and passionate portrayal of Constantinople in 1453 – a moment in time that mirrors our own – Emperor Constantine XI of Eastern Rome, deserted by the West, battles to defend his civilization against the onslaught of mighty Ottoman invaders. But when war comes, a heartrending love triangle enmeshes Constantine, his beloved military commander Justiniani, and Zoe, the woman they both love. With life, death, and the fate of the empire hanging in the balance—just as he is on the verge of victory—Emperor Constantine is confronted with an impossible choice that threatens everything he holds dear. The mystery why Constantinople fell when victory was nearly attained has baffled historians for centuries. Here is what they missed.

From award-winning author and “gifted literary talent” Sandra Worth comes a heart-wrenching wartime epic of love, suspense, passion, and survival that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and illuminates a little-known part of history with powerful insights into our own moment in time.



“One of the best historicals that I have ever read… a truly moving story. In some instances her description is sheer poetry. Months after reading TOMORROW WE WILL KNOW, thinking about the story still evokes a strong emotional response.” –Professor Tamara Kaupp, San Jacinto College (ret.)

“In TOMORROW WE WILL KNOW Sandra Worth gives us a sweeping saga of empire and love. Worth deftly portrays the battles that will eventually bring Constantinople down – but more importantly she makes us care about the fall of the city through her vivid… and deeply human characters. By the time a blood-red eclipse of the moon brings fear to both rulers – Christian and Ottoman… readers will be biting their nails and holding their breaths.” — Sophie Perinot, author of Medicis Daughter and The Sister Queens

“TOMORROW WE WILL KNOW reveals a richly detailed but little-known history of Christian Constantinople in 1453 as its few defenders battle the mighty Ottomans for their right to exist. Sandra Worth’s best work yet will have the reader racing through the pages to see what happens next – to Constantinople, to Emperor Constantine, to his valiant military commander, and to Zoe, the woman who is their inspiration and they both love.” –Cheryl Bolen, New York Times and USA bestselling author of My Lord Protector

“From her heartfelt historical characters embroiled in a moving love triangle, to the escalating suspense of the final battle that will determine the fate of the Eastern Roman Empire, the author – with impeccable research and inspired storytelling – captured this reader, bringing new excitement to the historical fiction genre.” –Robin Maxwell, Los Angeles Times and Amazon #1 bestelling author of The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan

“TOMORROW WE WILL KNOW is an utterly compelling novel, rich in detail, meticulously researched, and beautifully crafted. Sandra Worth’s skill as historian and storyteller is evident on every page. Not to be missed.” –Tasha Alexander, New York Times Bestselling author of Secrets of the Nile

About the Author

Sandra Worth is the award-winning internationally published author of six historical novels on the Wars of the Roses chronicling the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty and rise of the Tudors, three with the Penguin Publishing Group U.S.A. Her historical articles have appeared in Ricardian magazines and journals. After a ten-year absence from the book world filled initially with research trips to Greece and Turkey and later with grave illness in the family, she is back with Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453, her seventh book and first foray into the Europe-Ottoman conflict. She holds an honors B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto and has won a bouquet of coveted book awards and prizes for her work. Sandra is aware that her degree has little to do with historical fiction but after a brief stint in the financial field, she embraced her childhood passion of writing with renewed dedication, because storytelling is so much more.

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