Hello and welcome to Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours!

HFVBT was founded in 2011 by Amy Bruno, an unapologetic fantatic of historical fiction. Amy has been a member of the blogging community since 2008 when she started Passages to the Past, a blog that covers all things historical. Her years participating in book tours on the blogging end and the relationships she has cultivated with fellow bloggers, authors, and publicists has given her the knowledge and experience to find you the right blogs and reviewers for your book and maximize your book’s marketing potential.

It’s a fact that in this modern world virtual book tours are fast replacing physical tours and that more often than not authors are expected to be responsible for their own marketing. Book tours can be an effective platform to get your name and book in front of thousands of readers without the need to travel, but it can be a daunting task to plan a book tour while still meeting publisher deadlines and writing your next novel, so let Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours help you by finding quality bloggers to review your book, coordinate interviews and guest appearances, market on social media, and arrange contests and giveaways, all customized to your specifications.

Tours can be tailored to your needs based on your schedule and tour goals. Types of posts include reviews, interviews, excerpts, guest articles, and/or giveaways. Not only are tours for new releases, you can also publicize trade paperback releases, historical anniversaries that tie into your book, or book anniversaries.

In addition to virtual tours, there are several other ways HFVBT can help market your novel online:

– Facebook Launch Party
– Book Blasts

For more information on our virtual book tour packages, launch parties, and book blasts click here.

We are proud to work with authors who traditionally published or self-published. We cater to writers of the historical fiction genre, including all of it’s glorious sub-genres:

– Romance
– Mystery/Suspense
– Thriller
– Fantasy
– Young Adult
– Inspirational
– Non-Fiction

Read what authors are saying about their experience with HFVBT…

“Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours is the best—and now the only—blog tour organizer I would ever work with. Amy knows how to perfectly match each book and author with the right bloggers for them, no matter the size of the tour.” – Juliet Grey, author of the Marie Antoinette trilogy

“Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours gave me a fabulous blogging experience, enjoyable, smooth and completely angst-free! Not only is Amy a pleasure to work with, but she’s a consummate professional and extremely well organized.” – Sandra Worth, author of Pale Rose of England

“Amy Bruno took the terror out of the words “virtual tour” for me. I’m not technologically savvy at all, but I knew I could not launch a book in 2011 without being visible on the internet. I could not have accomplished one tenth of the coverage ‘Queen By Right’ received on the web if it had not been for Amy. You would be foolish not to take advantage of her friendly, efficient and yet very affordable expertise.” – Anne Easter Smith, author of Queen By Right

Read more author endorsements here.

Not only does HFVBT strive hard to cultivate relationships with it’s authors, but with our bloggers as well. We are extremely lucky to work with some of the best blogs that are online today and it’s our goal to ensure they have an easy and smooth experience when they host one of our tours.

Here is what HFVBT’s tour hosts are saying:

“I love working with Amy and Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. She makes participating in tours effortless for me as a blogger. She works with quality authors and exciting releases, from hot new titles by the big publishers to gems from indie presses. It’s like having my very own reading concierge, offering me one delightful book after another! Being on one of Amy’s tours makes reviewing easier. She provides everything I need for a polished review — no chasing down details — allowing me to focus on what I love about blogging: gushing about really great books!” – Audra, Unabridged Chick

“Amy and HFVBT make blogging easy! When I join one of her book tours I always know that I will have everything I need right at my fingertips; no time wasted going from site to site looking for the information I need. She is great about checking in to make sure you have received your copy of the book, reminding you to send in your interview questions, etc. I have worked with many different authors, publishers, and tour coordinators and I can easily say that working with Amy is always the smoothest. I would not hesitate to recommend her (and I have!) and I eagerly await the emails announcing new tours!” – Heather, The Maiden’s Court

“Working with HFVBT and Amy Bruno is a breeze because she’s so organized, which really makes it all very easy for me to participate. She is really the only blog tour company I choose to work with besides direct from author or publisher because of her professionalism, attention to detail, and the care she puts into her work. She provides all the information so we don’t have to dig for it ourselves, saving our valuable time. She’s friendly, personable, flexible, and a joy to work with. She brings quality authors with a wide range of historical genres, which is good for me as I like many different places and time periods. There isn’t another blog tour company out there that I’ve seen that even compares to what Amy provides to both blogger and author. ” – Erin, Oh, for the Hook of a Book

“I love working on tours with Amy from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. She offers the best in current historical fiction releases for me to review and to offer to my readers as giveaways. She is always available to answer questions if I should have them. Amy provides all a reviewer needs to get a post prepared and it’s supplied well in advance of the Tour start date. She is professional, organized and a true delight to work with.” – Patty, Broken Teepee

“Amy is an absolute joy to work with and takes the time to care both about the tour hosts she works with as well as the authors which results in fantastic book tours. I love being a tour host for Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours!” – Dar, Peeking Between the Pages

“Amy always offers great books for me to review, which are usually way ahead of the release date- and-I appreciate that a lot! As well, Amy is very flexible and accommodating regarding scheduling. My work and input is well appreciated and she makes no stressful demands-ever! Even when my own scheduling messed up a couple of times, Amy was understanding- she helped take care of things kindly and professionally. Love working with Amy:)” – Lucy, HF Book Muse & Enchanted with Josephine

“Amy of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours is incredibly well organized. She knows exactly how to find the best tour hosts for any author’s tours. As someone that has frequently been a tour host through HFVBT, I always know that Amy is going to bring me really good books to review. Amy is also fantastic at taking care of both authors and tour hosts! HFVBT is my very favorite tour company to work with!” – Meg, A Bookish Affair

“Amy is the best blog tour organizer I have worked with in almost five years of blogging. HFVBT hosts authors in the historical fiction genre who are the cream of the crop today. When we participate in Amy’s tours at HFVBT, we get to be part of the great experience of sharing these authors’ books with the world. Authors and bloggers alike cannot go wrong working with HFVBT.” – Michelle, The True Book Addict

It’s never too early to book a tour! Blogger’s schedules fill quickly, so inquire about a tour today! For more information, availability, and pricing please email Amy at hfvirtualbooktours@gmail.com.

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