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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Piers Alexander on Blog Tour for Scatterwood, April 3-May 16

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by Piers Alexander

Publication Date: March 16, 2017
eBook & Paperback; 314 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Action & Adventure




Seven years’ servitude. Seven days to save his family.

Jamaica, March 1692. Calumny Spinks is forced to spy for the Crown and help prevent an invasion of England. He’s sent to the Caribbean to pose as an indentured servant, but his best friend Ty brands him with the mark of a runaway and sells him to a brutal plantation overseer.

To win his family’s freedom, Cal must kill Lord Montalbion, the most powerful man in the Caribbean. He forges an alliance with the Maroons, escaped slaves whose plans for Cal could ruin everything – and meanwhile, a bloody civil war looms.

Scatterwood is the sequel to the award-winning The Bitter Trade, which the BBC’s Robert Elms called “A fantastic debut novel.”

Pre-Order at Amazon US & Amazon UK


“Alexander’s prose is the equivalent of a time machine, yanking the reader straight into a vibrant and breathtaking depiction of 17th century Jamaica.” – Anna Belfrage, HNS Indie Award-winning author of A Rip in the Veil

“Bold, ambitious, and deliciously dark, Scatterwood plumbs the depths of monstrous deceit and unending misery. Alexander delivers it all with such dextrous and inventive prose that the reader cannot help but be swept away.” – David Gaughran, author of Liberty Boy and Mercenary

About the Author

Piers Alexander’s debut novel, The Bitter Trade, won TLC’s Pen Factor, a Global Ebook Award and the Historical Novel Society’s Editor’s Choice (Indie Review). Both The Bitter Trade and Scatterwood were selected by WHSmith for their Fresh Talent list. Piers is also a serial media entrepreneur, and he lives in London with the singer-songwriter and author Rebecca Promitzer.

For more information, please visit Piers Alexander’s website. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kevin Bannister on Blog Tour for The Long Way Home, April 3-30

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The Long Way Home
by Kevin Bannister

Publication Date: September 15, 2016
Fireship Press
eBook | ASIN: B01LBKRO92
Paperback | ISBN-10: 1611793610 | 348 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Action & Adventure/African-American



The Promised Land for Two Slaves

Set in the turbulent times of the War of Independence, The Long Way Home follows the lives of Thomas Peters and Murphy Steele who are friends, former slaves, fellows-in-arms and leaders of the Black Brigade. Their real-life story is an epic adventure tale as they battle bounty hunters, racism, poverty and epidemic in their adopted country after the war.

The Long Way Home has resonated with readers around the world as an unforgettable account of courage, hope and determination triumphing over despair and injustice. Thomas Peters, thoughtful and charismatic, and Murphy Steele, strong and impulsive, lead their followers on an inspirational search for a place where they can be free.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Praise For The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home is an inspirational and harrowing historical drama. Though the men pass through many different settings on their quest for a free life, The Long Way Home is very much a character driven story at heart. I’d definitely recommend it to all historical fiction fans.” —K.C. Finn, author of the Caecilius Rex saga, The Secret Star and The Book of Shade and the bestselling and award-winning novel The Mind’s Eye

“An epic work. I was mesmerized by the intensity and power of this work that brings to light heroes I hadn’t know about. Bannister’s writing is lyrical and elegant, at times I would feel compelled to stop and re-read an especially memorable passage. I loved this book. The Long Way Home is most highly recommended.” —Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite

“It takes more than a good imagination to write a spellbinding historical novel but The Long Way Home is a success on many, many levels; a tale that will speak to the hearts of readers with eloquence. Bannister has successfully combined historical facts with glowing imagination to deliver a masterpiece that will be well received by lovers of historical fiction. The characters are extraordinarily compelling, strung with the kind of courage one would find only in persons fighting between death and freedom.” —Romvald Dzemo, author of Courage To Embrace Yourself and You Can’t Be A Failure

The Long Way Home by Kevin Bannister takes us back to the eighteenth century when blacks were fleeing colonial America as slaves or freemen and later settled in Nova Scotia. The main protagonists, Thomas Peters and Murphy Steele, are historical figures who lived during this time. Fast paced and poignant…this novel is a tribute to these two forgotten heroes.” —Maria Beltran, playwright, author, past chairwoman of Women In Literary Arts Inc.

“Kevin Bannister’s The Long Way Home is a novel that grabs your attention from the start and keeps you riveted to the last word.” —Dr. Daniel N. Paul, C.M., O.N.S., LLD, DLIT, Mi’kmaq eldering, author of We Were Not The Savages, Order of Canada recipient, journalist and lecturer, www.danielpaul.com

“I loved The Long Way Home. It’s told in an easy, conversational style, with vivid language that puts you right in the action. Thomas Peters was instrumental persuading over 1,000 freed blacks to return to Africa, where they founded Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mr. Bannister’s story ends with that hopeful beginning, and a note which says he’s working on a sequel. I can’t wait to read it.” –Historical Novel Society (click here for full review)

About the Author

Kevin Bannister is the father of five children and lives on a ranch along a river in the beautiful foothills of central Alberta. He has been a newspaper editor, sportswriter, reporter, investment house vice president, truck driver, farmer and steelworker amongst other jobs.

Currently he ranches and is working on a sequel to The Long Way Home.

For more information please visit The Long Way Home website.