Praise for HFVBT

“Amy Bruno’s service is professional, effective, and a very good value. My Victorian mystery was published seven months ago—right before COVID hit—and I wasn’t sure how effective a marketing push would be. I signed up for the twenty-blog tour package, and I not only received a few extra blog appearances, HFVBT also found reviewers who would feature an excerpt from my first chapter and two guest blogposts. Several reviewers took gorgeous, artistic photos of my books with props, and most wrote insightful, enthusiastic, well-crafted reviews and not only posted them on their blogs but tweeted and posted on Instagram as well. Some sent me messages separately about how much they enjoyed my book, and we received nearly 1500 entries for the giveaway drawing. Overall, a fantastic experience. I’d recommend to anyone writing historical fiction!” ~ Karen Odden, author of A Trace of Deceit

“HFVBT Blog Tours are very well-managed, Amy Bruno is personable and professional, and her bloggers share their reviews widely. I’ve booked several tours with Amy and have never been disappointed. Highly recommended!” ~ Heather Webb, author of Last Christmas in Paris and The Phantom’s Apprentice

“I’ve done three tours with Amy and each brought of burst of interest in my books and sales spiking. Amy’s great and makes the process easy. My latest tour was in support of The Murderer’s Maid: a Lizzie Borden Novel and I couldn’t be happier with the response. I highly recommend her virtual blog tours!” ~ Erika Mailman, author of The Murderer’s Maid

“Over the years, Amy has helped me put together +10 tours. She invests a lot of herself in ensuring these tours are successful and I am very pleased with the results.” ~ Anna Belfrage, author of The Graham Saga series & The King’s Greatest Enemy series

“Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour is a must for any historical fiction writer, who wants their book to be known (and of course purchased)! Amy Bruno is an amazing connector and facilitator! There are so few exceptional services available for indie authors, so I cannot shout out loud enough how great HFVBT is for the historical fiction community!!” ~ Melissa Burch, Author Marketing Consultant

“Amy Bruno gave me opportunities to share the behind the scenes and subjects in my historical novel, “We Shall See the Sky Sparkling,” in guest blogs on my recent Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour. I was thrilled with the response and connections I made. I’m working on my next historical novel and will definitely book a HFVBT as soon as I know my pub date!” ~ Susana Aikin, Author of We Shall See the Sky Sparkling

“I used HFVBT for the release of my debut novel The Tides Between. We did a Book Blast and then followed it up with a Blog Tour. Amy was great to work with – approachable, efficient, organized – and the range of reviewers was excellent with a great mix of reviews, interviews and guest posts. It was great to have a tour run by someone dedicated to Historical Fiction. We reached people well behind my organic reach. I will definitely use HFVBT next time around.” ~ Elizabeth Jane Corbett, author of The Tides Between

“Amy Bruno is a kind, generous book advocate who will help get your book to historical-fiction bloggers and spread the word. I’m so glad I worked with her for my debut novel, LILLI DE JONG, and I highly recommend her services.” ~ Janet Benton, author of Lilli de Jong

“I have engaged HFVBT for several years to promote both of my books, and I can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism, responsiveness and excellent level of service. HFVBT truly treasures authors and their work, and matches my books with great reviewers who “get” my writing. Love working with Amy and her team. A huge thank you!” ~ Elizabeth St. John, author of The Lady of the Tower and By Love Divided

“Working with Amy makes blogtouring such a breeze–I’m never going back to struggling to organize my own again. HFVBT is worth every penny.” ~ Amalia Carosella, author of Daughter of a Thousand Years and co-author of A Sea of Sorrow

“My first book tour with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours was an incredible experience. Amy is exceptionally organized and encouraging. I am so pleased with the process and the experience. It was an enjoyable two weeks and I am already looking forward to the next tour with the second title in my series, Stealing Mr. Smith. Thank you Amy!” ~ Tanya Williams, author of Becoming Mrs. Smith

“My experience with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours went far beyond my expectations. Besides being a true pleasure to work with, Amy Bruno did a fantastic job gathering a group of enthusiastic bloggers for the e-book relaunch of The Lover’s Path: An Illustrated Novella of Venice. Frankly, I can’t imagine not working with HFVBT for future releases. Nor should you.” ~ Kris Waldherr, award-winning author of The Lover’s Path, Doomed Queens, and The Book of Goddesses

“I’ve used HFVBT for both my old Hollywood-themed books, and gotten some new eyes on and fabulous reviews for both of them. Thanks, Amy!” ~ Laini Giles, author of The Forgotten Flapper and The It Girl and Me

“Working with Amy Bruno has been such a pleasure. I’m not very proficient with technology so it was a relief to have someone as professional as Amy handling my blog tour. Being able to contact interested historical fiction bloggers and their followers would have been an insurmountable task that Amy made so easy.” ~ Beverly Magid, author of Sown in Tears and Where Do I Go

“Amy organized a wonderful HF tour for ESSIE’S ROSES! She matched my novel perfectly with the most gracious blog hosts. From the beautiful banner she created to announce my tour, until the last review, spotlight, and giveaway–Amy professionally displayed my book’s information and links to buy. She met every deadline, followed through on every question, and knew exactly what would work for me and my novel my first time out. Thank you, Amy, for the perfect blog tour experience, at the perfect time. Looking forward to the next one!” ~ Michelle Muriel, author of Essie’s Roses

“Amy’s tour was perfect from start to finish. Really. Perfect. She’s responsive, pro-active, professional and thoughtful. It’s easy to throw a book at a bunch of blogs and hope. The only hope connected to this tour is that she has room for me and my next book.”
~ International bestseller, M.J. Rose, The Book of Lost Fragrances, The Reincarnationist, The Hyponotist and The Memorist.

“Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours has been a dream to work with. She knew exactly which bloggers would be a great fit for THE SECRET HISTORY and her organization made my book tour an absolute breeze. I highly recommend HFVBT to any historical fiction author looking to connect with reviewers and readers who love history and great books. I can’t wait to work with her again for my next two novels!” ~ Stephanie Thornton, author of The Secret History

“HFVBT has impressive contacts among bloggers and reviewers, and Amy is professional, responsive, and always pleasant to work with. Her expertise and enthusiasm ensured the success–and the fun–of my Facebook launch party and blog tour. I therefore highly recommend her services.” ~ Margaret Porter, author of A Pledge of Better Times

“I have done two HF Blog Tours with Amy, and intend to continue in the future. When my first novel came out, I was more than a little terrified and didn’t really know how to get it out to the world. Amy’s tours went a long way toward alleviating my angst and giving my book some initial exposure. The variety of approaches her blog partners take provides lots of interest and gives me the opportunity to share the posts on my Facebook and Twitter page; Amy does the same. I think it’s certainly money well spent!” ~ Mercedes Rochelle, author of Godwine Kingmaker

“Amy Bruno and the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours provided a wonderful launchpad for my novel SINFUL FOLK’s new paperback release, and brought the book much needed interest from the Historical Fiction readers community. I highly recommend the HFVBT team — they are professional, lovely to work with, and incredibly helpful. Also, they know a lot of excellent readers!” ~ Ned Hayes, award-winning author of historical novel Sinful Folk (new in paperback in 2015)

“Amy Bruno is like the perfect dinner party hostess–she brings together just the right people and makes all the preparation appear effortless, leaving readers, bloggers and writers to simply enjoy a feast of books and great stories. Many thanks, HFVBT!” ~ Alison Atlee, author of The Typewriter Girl

“HF Virtual Book Tours is a superb investment. Professional, responsive, courteous, and thoughtful, Amy Bruno is a delight to work with.”
~ Deanna Raybourn, author of Night of a Thousand Stars

“People say social media is important. But what writer has time and know-how to reach out to the right bloggers? And though I was given a book tour and my publisher hit quite a few bloggers, it felt like there was more I could do. So I contacted Amy and she did a great job reaching a myriad of book blogs I knew nothing about. The virtual tour gave my book a great kick three months out from my paperback publication date – which is right what my book needed at that point. And that sort of media push had lots of ripples. It even tweaked my British sales. Thank you, Amy! A job well done.”
~ Jennie Fields, author of The Age of Desire

“In my experience, Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours is the best—and now the only—blog tour organizer I would ever work with. Amy’s knowledge, dedication, and work ethic are unparalleled and the cost is extremely reasonable. Amy knows how to perfectly match each book and author with the right bloggers for them, no matter the size of the tour. She works seamlessly with the bloggers and the author’s publicist to coordinate guest posts, reviews, and giveaways in a timely fashion, allowing the author to do what she does best: write. Amy’s work doesn’t stop once the book tour is organized. When my already-large tour for CONFESSIONS OF MARIE ANTOINETTE became so popular due to early word of mouth that several additional bloggers asked to join it, she checked with me each time to see if it was ok, then one by one, handily slotted them into the month, and coordinated with my publicist for additional review copies to be sent out as each new requests came in. During the tour itself, Amy’s follow-through, day by day, to make sure the bloggers have posted on time, is superb; and even when she was about to have a baby any minute, she upheld her guarantee as part of the tour package to tweet about each new review!” ~ Juliet Grey, author of Becoming Marie Antoinette, Days of Splendor, Days and Sorrow and Confessions of Marie Antoinette

“Working with Amy from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours was a pleasure. I found the blogs they use to be high traffic zones which allowed me to reach a greater audience. I also received a good number of reviews which will help me to improve sales. One reviewer who did not care for my book wrote a kind review which provided constructive criticism to assist me in future works (without bashing me or my work). But that is what one gets when they ask for honest reviews. All of the bloggers involved did an excellent job of promoting me on Twitter, the blogs and GoodReads. Not only was I happy with the performance of the bloggers, but I was especially impressed with Amy, the tour coordinator. Her response time to questions is almost immediate, and she is quick to rectify any wrinkles that may arise. I have already booked another tour with this company. Thank you bloggers of HFVBT and thank you Amy.” ~ Rhoda D’Ettore, author of Tower of Tears

“Amy Bruno’s Historical Virtual Book Tours proved the perfect platform to launch the trade paperback edition of my novel, ILLUMINATIONS: A NOVEL OF HILDEGARD VON BINGEN. I was very impressed with the wide range of blogs hosting my tour and the enthusiastic response from historical fiction specialists. Amy was very professional and responsive to all my inquiries. If you want to launch your historical novel or simply grow your audience, Historical Virtual Book Tours is a fantastic resource.” ~ Mary Sharratt, author of Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work Amy Bruno and HF VIRTUAL BOOK TOURS. She far exceeded my expectations in terms of reach, scope and service. Plus, she never let anything fall through the cracks, including helping me keep track of numerous guest posts and interviews. Best marketing investment I ever made!” ~ Vicky Alvear Shecter, author of Curses & Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii

“I hold nothing but the highest admiration and praise for Amy Bruno of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. She truly is a special person, and a gift to both new authors and veterans alike. She ensured the Book Blast for my debut novel was stress free, meticulously coordinated, and an immensely enjoyable experience. Every step of the way, Amy impressed me with her professionalism and enthusiasm. Her inspiring dedication shines through her work. She went above and beyond her call of duty—reaching out to over 200 bloggers and compiling a list of contacts for my keeping. Each day of the blast I looked forward to our correspondence. She was always so friendly, energetic, and focused on ensuring that everything was smoothly executed. Being a debut author, I naturally had many questions about the business, and Amy kindly spent time providing me with invaluable tips and advice—many of which I will carry through the rest of career. She always responded to my inquiries within a very brief time frame, and answered my questions with patience, clarity, compassion, and contagious enthusiasm. Even many of the participating bloggers commented on her professionalism and uplifting attitude. From start to finish, Amy put my mind completely at ease, as she was on top of every detail. If you value efficiency, topnotch communication, and professionalism, please look no further than Amy Bruno. She exceeded all of my expectations, and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future. Thank you, Amy, for all of your hard work and dedication!” ~ Rachel Demeter, author of The Frost of Springtime

“Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours are 100% organized, easy to use, and dare I say fun. How can doing business be fun, you ask? Well it was. Amy was a joy to work with, and I got so much exposure for my first book, in all the right places! Amy knows about the most relevant blogs, ones that are about historical fiction, that I could not have known about myself. I didn’t have to worry about scheduling or trying to convince the historical bloggers to review my book, I didn’t have to worry about anything, I just had to keep up with Amy’s efficiency and professional know-how. Plus, there was some hand-holding thrown in, and encouragement, which I needed, given to me just when I needed it. I will use Amy’s services again in a heartbeat.”
~ Christina E. Pilz, author of Fagin’s Boy

“What a pleasure it is to work with Amy at HFVBT. She is responsive and promptly addresses any question that may arise. I’ve done two book tours with her and have recommended her to fellow authors. I like having my books on tour with a site that sees the value in the history in my historical romances. And I like that she customizes the tour to the book and what I’m looking for. Great job!” ~ Regan Walker, author of The Red Wolf’s Prize and The Twelfth Night Wager

“I was thrilled with the blog tour that Amy Bruno at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours organized for the launch of my novel The Raven Queen. I ended up with numerous online reviews and a satisfying number of interviews, which gained me wide exposure in the HF world. Amy has many wonderful contacts within the blogging community, and I found her incredibly responsive, diligent, motivated, and utterly trustworthy and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any author hoping to publicize their book online.” ~ Jules Watson, author of The Raven QueenThe Swan Maiden and the Dalriada Trilogy

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Amy Bruno of Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. Anyone who has organized their own blog tour knows how much work it is and how much can go wrong. Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours gave me a fabulous blogging experience, enjoyable, smooth and completely angst-free! Not only is Amy a pleasure to work with, but she’s a consummate professional and extremely well organized. She booked the review slots, made certain books arrived on time, and sent me gentle reminders days before my posts and interviews were due. I could concentrate on my WIP and never had to think about any of the details. Reviews, posts interviews and giveaways magically appeared on the best blogs in the business, on the scheduled dates, and Amy followed up by sending me the links. She is a gift to authors, and I am a fan forever! I plan to use Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for every one of my future books.” ~ Sandra Worth, author of Pale Rose of England, Lady of the Roses and The Rose of York series 

“Amy Bruno took the terror out of the words “virtual tour” for me. I’m not technologically savvy at all, but I knew I could not launch a book in 2011 without being visible on the internet. After many a sleepless night worrying about how to go about this, imagine my surprise to get a note from Amy telling some of her favorite authors that she was putting her toe in the water of a brand new business. She would offer writers her services as an expert in the field of book blogging and help us launch our books to those readers we would not have a clue how to reach except in the conventional publishing way of cross-country book tours. Those have gone the way of the dodo for many of us, and so I did not hesitate to press the “reply” button to Amy’s email and engage her as my virtual tour guide. I was astonished how efficiently she put a tour together, kept me informed of which blogger wanted what kind of guest post or Q&A and she worked with my publicist at Simon & Schuster on book give-aways and coordinated which blogs each would approach. I hardly had to do anything but write my posts and answer questions and, like clockwork, a link was put on my Facebook page every day of my month-long tour. I could not have accomplished one tenth of the coverage ‘”Queen By Right” received on the web if it had not been for Amy. You would be foolish not to take advantage of her friendly, efficient and yet very affordable expertise.” ~ Anne Easter Smith, author of Queen By RightA Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York and The King’s Grace

“Being a Belgian (Flemish) author, I wasn’t familiar with virtual book tours before Pegasus Books published “Baudelaire’s Revenge”, the English translation of “De wraak van Baudelaire,” in April. We simply don’t have such a service in The Netherlands or Belgium. But now that I’ve experienced what an outstanding virtual book tour planner as Amy Bruno can accomplish, I’m totally hooked! For a foreign author like me, I guess it’s much more difficult to organize a tour than for an American author, but Amy did a brilliant job, in fact so good that I’m very seriously considering a second tour in the fall…Isn’t that the best token of appreciation one can give?” ~ Bob Van Laerhoven, author of Baudelaire’s Revenge

“Amy put together the blog tour for the paperback edition of DRACULA IN LOVE efficiently and professionally but more important, her enthusiasm and joy for the work is palpable and infectious, and her follow-up is flawless. The tour has brought me a substantial new readership.  I heartily recommend using her services.” Karen Essex, author of Dracula in Love, Stealing Athena, Leonardo’s Swans and Kleopatra. 

“Amy Bruno put together an impeccably organized, thoughtful and effective virtual book tour. It was easy to participate and engage new readers” ~ Ayelet Waldman, author of Love & Treasure

“The Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour for my debut novel, Eromenos, proved a most effective way to let readers know about my book as well as find bloggers interested in doing reviews and even interviews to help publicize it. This book blog tour provides an invaluable service to writers, bloggers, and readers of historical fiction, not least by helping them find each other in the blogosphere and online. Amy Bruno, HF Virtual Book Tours founder and guide, is a joy to work with—organized, meticulous, unfailingly upbeat and kind—and I highly recommend her.” ~ Melanie McDonald, author of Eromenos 

“Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours was everything I’d hoped for and more. Amy knows exactly who to line up to review, blog, interview, and offer giveaways to. She’s calm, friendly, and professional as well as being networked throughout the book reading world. Her keen market and fiction sensibility directs every placement and contact. I will use her again, without hesitation, and consider her efforts central to my book’s promotion.”
~ Sandra Byrd, author of To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

“Amy Bruno did a brilliant job putting together my virtual book tour for Road from the West. Her efficiency, organizational skills, and professionalism never failed to impress me, both in the months leading up to the tour and during the tour itself. Her rapport with other historical fiction bloggers helped her find a great selection of reviewers for my book. She ensured that all timetables were met, swiftly relayed all communication between myself and the reviewers, and calmly addressed any bumps in the road that life (and the Internet) inevitably bring. I would definitely recommend Amy Bruno and HFVBT to any historical novelist seeking publicity for a new book.” ~ Rosanne E. Lortz, author of Road from The West 

“Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour was a wonderful experience.  I am certain that  I found readers as a direct result of the virtual tour. Amy was organized and patient and resourceful and informed—it was a delight to work with her every day. Now that my tour is over I really miss her!” is my first novel and I knew only a handful of bloggers or historical-website creators going into publication. Thanks to Amy’s strategic outreach, I “met” more than twenty bloggers interested in historical fiction and thrillers.  They reviewed my book and interviewed me and posted guest blogs, and thanks to their support, word-of-mouth definitely surged.” Nancy Bilyeau, author of The Crown

“I can do nothing but highly recommend working with Amy Bruno and Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. Amy organized the tour for my novel, The Emperor’s Conspiracy, with professionalism, enthusiasm and efficiency, and working with her was a pleasure from start to finish. I will most definitely be using her services again in the future.” ~ Michelle Diener, author The Emperor’s Conspiracy, In a Treacherous Court and Keeper of the King’s Secrets

“I loved working with Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Tours, she could not have been more helpful, and the tour went wonderfully smoothly. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again on my next.” ~ Deborah Swift, author of The Gilded Lily and The Lady’s Slipper

“It’s been a pleasure working with HFVBT. Their service is professional and well-targeted. In helping with promotion, they give writers back the valuable time they need to write.” ~ Kate Lord Brown, author of The Perfume Garden

“Working with Amy Bruno and Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours was one of the smartest marketing decision I ever made. Amy is a delight. The tour proceeded with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness.” ~ David Morrell, New York Times best-selling author of Murder as a Fine Art

“Amy Bruno is one of those rare professionals you can turn loose and not worry about looking over her shoulder. And coming from a complete control freak such as I am, this is saying some. What I most appreciate about working with Amy is that I learned very soon that I didn’t have to worry about a thing—Amy, in this case, was in complete control. What a relief it was to realize that other than providing her with the essential data and writing guest posts, Amy did what she does best: she identified the best-fit bloggers for my book, provided them with the right materials and then promoted the heck out of the best of their comments. Not only did I appreciate her competence, I also welcomed her collaborative style, which immediately set me at ease. HFVBT is a first-class virtual book touring service that exceeded my expectations. When my second book is released, you can bet that I’ll be contacting Amy again.” ~ Jo-Ann Costa, author of The Bequest of Big Daddy

“Amy was very dedicated and quickly responded to my questions and concerns with great professionalism and friendliness. I am very pleased I decided to go with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours because my book was exposed to a much larger audience than before and I met some wonderful people – including Amy – whom I have come to think of as a friend. If you’re thinking about promoting your book, don’t stop and think about doing a tour with Amy, just do it! :)” ~ Andrea Zuvich, author of His Last Mistress

“Using the services of HFVBT was a great decision. It came recommended by other writers and I wasn’t disappointed. Amy provided a professional service throughout and I worked with some great reviewers and bloggers. I’ll be signing her up for the sequel!” ~ E.M. Powell, author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Fifth Knight

“Two thumbs up and a round of applause for Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours! Amy is prompt, professional, and has excellent contacts out there in the blogosphere. You’ll like her landing page, too—it ensures a permanent record of your book tour. Highly recommended.”
~ Susan Wittig Albert, author of A Wilder Rose

“Working with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours was a pleasure. Amy is responsive, prompt, & thorough. I’ll be using their services again!” ~ Reina M. Williams, author of the Love at Pemberley Series

Blogger Praise…

“I’m not an author, I’ve never hired a tour coordinator and I’ve no idea how much of an impact virtual touring has on individual sales, but as an established book blogger, I can honestly say that not all tours are created equal.

I’ve worked with several hosts over the years, but Amy Bruno at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours is one of my favorites. Professional and efficient, she has a genuine interest in meeting each client’s individual needs, but what makes working with her such a pleasure is that the respect and understanding she shows her authors is extended in equal measure behind the scenes.

The value she places on the time and integrity of her bloggers is unparalleled and has established a reputation among the reviewing community that few of her peers can match.” – Erin Davies, Flashlight Commentary

“”I wanted to compliment you on your professionalism with HFVBT. You make it so easy with stellar communication and media info, it truly is a pleasure working with you. My first year of blogging under my belt and I clearly realize the differences with fabulous virtual tours and mediocre tours. What a year of learning the blogging ropes!!! Thank you for being outstanding. I honestly don’t know how you manage with 2 little kids (which are ADORABLE), a household and HFVBT besides being one amazingly organized super woman.

Anyways a huge thank you, know YOU and all you do is more than appreciated!” – Melinda, Unshelfish

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