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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Cover Reveal: Shoot the Horses First by Leah Angstman

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Shoot the Horses First: A Collection of Histories
by Leah Angstman

Publication Date: February 28, 2023
Kernpunkt Press
Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook; 238 pages

Genre: Literary / Historical / Short Stories

***Finalist for the Shorts Award for Americana Fiction***

Through a historian’s lens and folkloric storytelling, the pieces in SHOOT THE HORSES FIRST revel in the nuances, brutality, mythology, and tiny victories of our historical past. A launderer takes us inside the linens of the richest families in early Baltimore. A child on the Orphan Train has his teeth inspected like a horse. Civil War soldiers experience PTSD. While one woman lands on an island of the Wampanoag tribe, a woman 200 years later finds Apache in a harsh frontier. Children survive yellow fever, the desert heat, and mistaken identities; men survive severed fingers, untested medicines, and wives with obsessive compulsive disorders. Frederick Douglass’ grandson plays violin at the World’s Fair on Colored American Day, a woman with disabilities is kept hidden away like she doesn’t exist, and a botanist is denied her place in a science journal because she is female. Themes of place, war, mental illness, identity, disability, feminism, and unyielding optimism throughout harrowing desperation resurface in this collection of stories that takes us back to time immemorial, yet feels so close, and all too familiar.

Available for Pre-Order


“I’m astonished by the historical breadth in this collection of stories and by the sensibility that unites them. It’s a thrill to be dropped, so vividly, into such a wide variety of settings and periods—and even more of a thrill to discover the strong new voice of Leah Angstman. Read it!”

“In SHOOT THE HORSES FIRST, Leah Angstman blasts readers from the Twitterfied nowscape into the manifest past—to an America connected by the burgeoning railroad and shattered by civil war. As inventive and complex as the era itself, these sixteen fictions of nineteenth-century friction contain surprises on every page. Whether it’s an impromptu snowball fight on a battlefield during a ceasefire or a wayward orphan finding hope at the end of the line, Angstman astonishes us with complicated characters and crystal-clear prose. She is the literary heir to Shelby Foote, Willa Cather, and E. L. Doctorow. Get off the internet and read this book!”

“Rudyard Kipling said, ‘If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.’ Nothing demonstrates the wisdom of that better than SHOOT THE HORSES FIRST by Leah Angstman. This is an immersive, expansive, and unforgettable collection of fictional histories. Drawn from various points in America’s past and clearly well researched, these stories are harrowing and hopeful by turns. All through, there are unexpected kindnesses and betrayals and acts of heroism and transformation. Characters so deeply wrought they seem to leap off the page. Soaring and vast and lyrical, this book is a must-read.”
—Kathy Fish, author of TOGETHER WE CAN BURY IT, RIFT, and WILD LIFE

“Angstman’s work is a joy to read. These characters see their worlds in the way that we see ours: naturally, and independent of the vastness of time in which life eventually situates itself in memory. Each one of these stories breathes troubling, beautiful life into the history that inspires it. The exhaustive research that must have gone into this collection lives in an easy harmony with the stories it undergirds, and it’s Angstman’s chief achievement here to strike that balance with poise and grace. Fear, love, heartache, and wonderment: it’s all right here, between both worlds.”

“SHOOT THE HORSES FIRST puts the ‘story’ in history. With scholarly rigor and the soul of a bard, Leah Angstman weaves tales of defiance and resilience that bring the past to life and show us what endures.”
—Jennifer Wortman, author of THIS. THIS. THIS. IS. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE

About the Author

Leah Angstman is also the author of the historical novel of seventeenth-century New England, Out Front the Following Sea, available now from Regal House, and the novel of the French Revolution, Falcon in the Dive, forthcoming from Regal House in spring 2024. She serves as the executive editor for Alternating Current Press and The Coil magazine and is a founding Quartermaster member of the American Battlefield Trust. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, including Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Nashville Review. She’s recently been a finalist for the Laramie Book Award, Chaucer Book Award, Eric Hoffer Book Award, National Indie Excellence Award, Da Vinci Eye Award, Clue Book Award, Richard Snyder Memorial Prize, Cowles Book Prize, and Able Muse Book Award; a semifinalist for the Goethe Book Award; and longlisted for the Hillary Gravendyk Prize. This is her first collection of short stories.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Medium | Ello | Mailing List

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Enter to win an ARC of Shoot the Horses First & horsey prize pack!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on July 26th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Shoot the Horses First Cover Reveal

A Governess Should Never…Deny a Duke
by Emily Windsor

Publication Date: July 7, 2022

Series: The Governess Chronicles – Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance



“So tell me, Miss Beaujeu, why should I employ you as governess?”

A question to rouse fear within the breast of any prospective governess but for Isabelle, a lady with impeccable references and tightly pinned hair, it barely raises a brow.

But this rugged Welsh duke of an employer is unlike any other: dubbed Mean, Moody & Mysterious in gossip columns, he’s known to scowl a path through London society. And why have three governesses fled his employ within the last twelvemonths?

“I appoint you as governess. When can you start?”

Rhys Cadogan, the Duke of Aberdare, never procrastinates. And besides, with a house party to be hosted at his coastal estate, the sole purpose of which is to find him a wife, he’s in somewhat of a rush.

But this drab-gowned paragon of a governess is unlike any other: lauded in her references, she exudes composure and intelligence, a perfect fit for his troubled niece. So why do Miss Beaujeu’s eyes also flash with a wild silvered gleam?

The Prudent Governess and the Passionate Duke.

One should never judge a duke by his Mean, Moody & Mysterious reputation or a governess by her tightly pinned hair, for beneath both tamed façades lay wildness and shared passions – not to be denied.

With forbidden kisses on stormy nights, a house full of prospective brides, a scandalous rake of an heir, dragon folklore and cinnamon biscuits, the vocation of governess has never been so thrilling…

A witty, romantic and heart-warming stand-alone Regency romance.

Amazon US | Amazon UK

The Governess Chronicles

1 – A Governess Should Never…Tempt a Prizefighter
2 – A Governess Should Never…Deny a Duke


“…well-written, nicely paced, and has a well-done mystery seamlessly woven into the romance. Rhys and Isabelle’s romance is a slow-burning love story, filled with secrets, great secondary characters, intrigue, warm love scenes, surprising revelations, and finally, a truly lovely HEA ending complete with an epilogue…In my opinion, this is one of this author’s best books to date and I highly recommend it!” -Flippin’ Pages ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Aberdare is an English duke for the crown but a welsh Earl first for his people, one with dragon legends in his veins. And while St George tamed the beast, the wildness still flows in his blood… a must-read story with lovable characters who fight together to make their HEA a true thing.” -Elodie’s Reading Corner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I would suggest you not start the book at night (FYI – you can’t put the book down).” -Marjay’s reading blog⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“This book will bring you to tears: from yearning, from heartbreak, and most of all, from love.” – @sammstormborn⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

About the Author

Emily Windsor grew up in the north of England on a diet of historical romance and strong tea.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t study Regency slang, so she did the next best thing and gained a degree in Classics and History instead. This ‘led’ to an eight-year stint in engineering.

Having left city life, she now lives in a dilapidated farmhouse where her days are spent writing, fixing the leaky roof, battling the endless vegetation and finding pictures of well-tied cravats.

Newsletter | Amazon | Facebook Author Page | BookBub | Goodreads | Facebook Group | Instagram

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Enter to win an eBook of A Governess Should Never…Deny a Duke + a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on July 23rd. You must be 18 or older to enter.

A Governess Should Never Deny a Duke

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Steve Moretti on Blog Tour for Michael Angelo & the Stone Mistress

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Michael Angelo & the Stone Mistress
Steve Moretti

Publication Date: ‎April 30, 2022
DWA Media

Genre: Time Travel Fiction/Historical Fantasy



Michelangelo believed every block of marble held a statue inside it. Yet he knew that without deep personal sacrifice, it would remain forever hidden.

Five hundred years later, New York fashion photographer Michael Angelo Thomas falls in love with every woman who poses before his camera. He is driven to reveal what lies beneath the surface, stripping away the barrier between viewer and subject.

His finished photographs reveal the vulnerable beauty of each model. His work makes him the most sought after fashion photographer in 1994. But rather than enjoy his prestige, he lives a life of anguish, unable to form meaningful attachments or purge the demons of self-doubt and of losing both of his adoptive parents in a freak accident.

After the death of an aspiring young model that his photographs propel to international fame, he leaves New York for an assignment in Florence to photograph the world’s leading fashion models.

In the shadows of Michelangelo’s greatest triumphs, Michael discovers a secret that will change his life and those who desire to be closest to him.

About the Author

I have always been drawn to passion and creativity in all its forms. I am equally fascinated by the mechanics of the universe and the characters of history. I have a special affection for the power of music which I believe is the universal language of human emotion.

My writing journey started in journalism, public relations and advertising then continued into software development. I have been writing novels full-time for a couple of years now and recently completed my first series, Song for a Lost Kingdom.

I also co-authored a biography on the life of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and am currently finishing the first book of a new trilogy called Michael Angelo.

I grew up in London, Ontario (Canada) and also lived in Pompano Beach, Florida as a teenager. I moved to Ottawa and attended Carleton University and now live just south of the city with my wife and our two dogs.

I look forward to your feedback. Visit my website stevemoretti.ca for the latest news, or email me at steve@stevemoretti.ca anytime!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Blog Tour: Dividing Ridge by Stacy N. Hawks
July 11-22

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Dividing Ridge: The Unsolved Murder of Elva Brannock
by Stacy N. Hawks

Publication Date: March 1, 2021
Dividing Ridge Books
Paperback & eBook; 180 pages

Genre: Historical Mystery



Dividing Ridge is based on a true story of an unsolved crime that took place along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Alleghany, N.C. in 1937. After a young woman goes missing on her way to school a community is left on edge. With news spreading quickly of her disappearance and gossip swirling, it is up to local law enforcement to restore a sense of safety and one determined Sheriff to bring justice to her family.

About the Author

Stacy Hawks is a resident of Alleghany County, North Carolina located in the Blue Ridge mountains. After graduating Alleghany High School as an NC Scholar, Stacy received her Associate of Arts Degree from Wilkes Community College, NC, a Bachelor of Arts in History Cum Laude from Brevard College, NC and a Masters of Education from Lynchburg, VA. In her spare time Stacy enjoys researching local history, writing poetry, and is an avid reader about the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. She also enjoys photography and has sat on local boards in either secretarial or leadership roles. In 2008 Stacy completed a research paper while attending Brevard College. The focused Stacy’s interest in the creation of the Blue Ridge Parkway and how it shaped Northwestern NC. She is also an Author in Residence for Appalachian Memory Keepers and her articles will be featured on their site in January 2019 discussing the history of places, events, and people of the rural mountain community she calls home. Stacy is the author of Dividing Ridge: The Unsolved Murder of Elva Brannock, a historical fiction novel based on a true crime that took place in Alleghany County, NC in 1937.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Blog Tour: Devils Ridge by Stacy Nycole Hawks
July 25-August 5

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Devils Ridge
by Stacy Nycole Hawks

Publication Date: November 20, 2021
Dividing Ridge Books
Paperback & eBook; 310 pages

Genre: Historical Mystery



“We are here and it is now. Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.” ~H.L. Mencken.

Dark corners, hidden stills, and fast cars linger in the shadow of Devils Ridge. While God rules rural Appalachia, it is soon Man’s Law that is challenged when notorious rum runner Connor Ridge takes on a local deputy who may outpace the moonshiner’s illicit enterprise. With the help of the new Editor in chief, deputy Walter Irwin works to bring Ridge and his gang to justice. Can Irwin stop the shadows of Devils Ridge from swallowing his town whole? Or will they over the law, once and for all?

About the Author

Stacy Hawks is a resident of Alleghany County, North Carolina located in the Blue Ridge mountains. After graduating Alleghany High School as an NC Scholar, Stacy received her Associate of Arts Degree from Wilkes Community College, NC, a Bachelor of Arts in History Cum Laude from Brevard College, NC and a Masters of Education from Lynchburg, VA. In her spare time Stacy enjoys researching local history, writing poetry, and is an avid reader about the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. She also enjoys photography and has sat on local boards in either secretarial or leadership roles. In 2008 Stacy completed a research paper while attending Brevard College. The focused Stacy’s interest in the creation of the Blue Ridge Parkway and how it shaped Northwestern NC. She is also an Author in Residence for Appalachian Memory Keepers and her articles will be featured on their site in January 2019 discussing the history of places, events, and people of the rural mountain community she calls home. Stacy is the author of Dividing Ridge: The Unsolved Murder of Elva Brannock, a historical fiction novel based on a true crime that took place in Alleghany County, NC in 1937.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Blog Tour: Shake Loose the Border by Andrea Matthews
July 3-15

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Shake Loose the Border
by Andrea Matthews

Publication Date: November 22, 2021

Series: Thunder On The Moor, Book 3
Genre: Scottish Historical Romance/Time Travel



With Will and Maggie’s wedding just a week away, the last thing they need to stumble upon is Johnnie Hetherington’s dead body tied to a tree, especially one that’s so close to their cottage. Recognizing it as a sure sign that Johnnie has betrayed the family once too often, Sergeant Richie Carnaby gathers Will and his family together for questioning, though it seems obvious only a fool would kill a man on his own land. Then who did murder the rogue, and why?

Feeling confident it wasn’t any of the Fosters, Richie allows Will and Maggie’s wedding to proceed, but the couple has barely exchanged vows when the Armstrongs attack in force. Geordie is determined to rescue his niece from the clutches of Will Foster, whether she wants to go or not. And if he happens to make her a widow in the process, so be it. Will senses the danger and implores Dylan to get Maggie away to safety, no matter where — or when — that may be.

Though Maggie protests, Will assures her he will follow as soon as he is able. Yet how can that be possible when Dylan whisks her back to the twentieth century? Sharing her fears about Will, and unable to forget his own love, Annie, Dylan attempts to return to the past one last time despite his growing concerns over the disintegrating amulet stone. But will he make it in time to rescue Will, or will the villainous Ian Rutherford, who has already killed in cold blood once, win the ultimate battle and see Will and Maggie separated forever?


About the Author

Andrea Matthews is the pseudonym for Inez Foster, a historian and librarian who loves to read and write and search around for her roots, genealogical speaking. She has a BA in History and an MLS in Library Science, and enjoys the research almost as much as she does writing the story. In fact, many of her ideas come to her while doing casual research or digging into her family history. She is the author of the Thunder on the Moor series set on the 16th century Anglo-Scottish Border, and the Cross of Ciaran series, where a fifteen hundred year old Celt finds himself in the twentieth century. Andrea is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Long Island Romance Writers, and the Historical Novel Society.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Carole Penfield on Blog Tour for The Midwife Chronicles, July 5-30

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Midwife of Normandy
by Carole Penfield

Publication Date: November 29, 2021
Sycamore Lane Press

Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: The Midwife Chronicles, Book One



King Louis’ dreaded Dragonnades are galloping towards Maison Dupres…

They have an arrest warrant for the Dupres, a Huguenot family. But what is Clare’s crime?

1680, France. Clare Dupres is not your average midwife. Her successful career relies on an ancient family secret formula (the magic elixir) which provides a pain-free birthing experience, offered solely to her wealthy aristocratic patients. In return, she is richly rewarded with gold and jewels. Clare’s husband Jacques resents her working outside the home but is too weak to stop her.

King Louis XIV detests Huguenots and is determined to convert them to Catholicism or eradicate them. He begins to tighten the noose by quartering troops in their homes until they abjure their religious beliefs. Bans them from singing psalms or leaving France without official permission.

In 1682, he issues an edict forbidding Huguenot midwives from delivering babies, which delights Jacques. But Clare rightly senses that things will only get worse. She urges her husband to relocate their family to England, where she can resume her profession. Jacques blindly refuses, relying on the Edict of Nantes to protect their religious freedoms.

Until it is too late! In 1685, the Edict is revoked. A vengeful servant wrongfully accuses the Dupres of violating the restrictions. Jacques is devastated. Clare’s only hope of saving her family is to devise a clever escape plan, but she must act quickly.

Full of twists and turns, this fast-paced adventure will keep the reader in suspense until the final page.

Recommended for readers who enjoy stories about strong women and are eager to learn about a dark chapter in 17th century French history. Perfect for fans of Call the Midwife, The Midwife of Hope River, and The Huguenot Chronicles.

Available on Amazon

Praise for Midwife of Normandy

“…a beautiful and flowing story with elements of history, romance, and storytelling brought together by a colourful cast of characters. Clare is a strong female lead dealing with issues that are timeless.” Literary Titan

“A gripping historical novel. A finalist and highly recommended.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“…well-written, well-paced, with a story that carries you along.” The Coffee Pot Book Club

“In the sea of new books published today, I am so pleased to have found this book and author. Clare Dupres’ story is completely entertaining. And there is subtle humor. I like that.” Mike Bove, author of The Bruce DelReno Mysteries.

Lucina’s Destiny
by Carole Penfield

Publication Date: December 1, 2021
Sycamore Lane Press

Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: The Midwife Chronicles, Book Two



This spellbinding sequel to Midwife of Normandy recounts Lucina’s coming-of-age story as she begins her exciting new life in England.

But living with extended family can be fraught with tension …

1685. London. After their harrowing escape, the Dupres join the childless household of Jacques’ brother Pierre. His melancholic wife Celia adores the children but is terribly jealous of Clare. Lucina, an inquisitive child with exceptional perception and the added gift of second sight, quickly discovers the reason; Uncle Pierre and her mother were childhood sweethearts! As hopes of Jacques’ survival fade, Pierre’s growing romantic passion for Clare worries Lucina.

Horrified that Lucina is destined to follow the ancestral path of midwifery, Celia tempts her young niece with promises of an idyllic life in her tranquil village. Unwilling to be parted from her children, and seeking a safer environment than London, Clare rents Honeysuckle Cottage next door to Celia. She writes to Lady Louise in Normandy, disclosing her new village address. Lucina justly fears this letter will be intercepted by French authorities searching for Clare. Using her psychic powers, Lucina manages to avert danger by sending “mind messages” across the Channel.

As years pass, Lucina is torn between the conflicting desires of Celia and Clare to determine her future. An unexpected suitor for Lucina’s hand in marriage complicates matters further. Will she abandon the Dupres’ midwifery tradition?

A series of disasters forces Lucina to come to terms with her own destiny, as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns towards a stunning, surprise conclusion.

Recommended for fans of Jane Austen, who once advised her niece Anna “a small village with three or four families is just the thing.” And for readers who enjoy novels about 17th century domestic family life and strong women.

Available on Amazon

Austens of Broadford
by Carole Penfield

Publication Date: December 16, 2021
Sycamore Lane Press

Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: The Midwife Chronicles, Book Three



A rich, sweeping novel, inspired by the true life of Jane Austen’s remarkable great-grandmother…

Marriage to John Austen IV, presumptive heir to the family fortune, was a dream come true for Eliza. Until his cantankerous father turned it into her worst nightmare!

1702. England. Despite having a loving relationship with her husband and seven children, Eliza is not the wife wealthy John Austen III would have chosen for his only son. She complains to Lucina (her midwife and best friend) about struggling daily with the overbearing tyrant’s interference. He plants a spy in her nursery, criticizes Eliza constantly, reneges on promises of financial assistance, and turns her eldest son against her. She begins to dread that if the curmudgeon outlives his son, she will be left penniless and debt-ridden.

Eliza also worries that without a dowry, her timid daughter Bettybird will never attract a husband. But through the young girl’s narrative voice, we see her coming of age into genteel society.
Whilst attending a house party to celebrate Queen Anne’s coronation, Bettybird meets actor Bart, son of a doxy who is searching for his purported landowner father. Coming to Kent as a footman, handsome Bart portrays life among the gentry class from a servant’s perspective.

When Eliza’s worst fear materializes, she is faced with the most difficult decision of her life, but not before writing a scathing memorandum detailing her mistreatment, which passes down through the Austen family into the hands of her famous great-granddaughter Jane.

It is widely believed Jane Austen was influenced by Eliza’s memorandum when she wrote about money, social class, and the evils of inheritance laws in Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Carole Penfield has always been an avid fan of historical fiction, and five years ago she decided to become a novelist. Many decades ago, she obtained a B.A. in elementary education. After 14 years as a teacher, school librarian, and director of a children’s film-making workshop, she returned to law school where she earned a J.D. with honors from Arizona State University. Her law career included practicing employment law as a partner at a large firm, and later as Attorney General and Appellate Court Justice for the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

For three years, she was owner of Amanda Jane’s Doll Shoppe in Sedona, sharing her lifetime passion for dolls with like-minded collectors. A life member of JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America), she enjoys dressing in period-appropriate apparel from the Georgian and Regency eras.

Carole lives in Northern Arizona with her husband Perry Krowne, two friendly cats, and 225 dolls. Midwife of Normandy was her debut novel, followed by Lucina’s Destiny and Austens of Broadford. Visit Carole’s website at carolepenfield.com or her Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Jeanne Roland on Blog Tour for Journeys, July 11-29

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Journeys: The Archers of Saint Sebastian
by Jeanne Roland

Publication Date: November 13, 2021
Nepenthe Press

Genre: Renaissance Historical Fiction/Young Adult
Series: Archers of Saint Sebastian, Book One



A barracks full of beautiful boys. A girl in disguise, living among them.

It’s the 14th century, and the longbow is king. But in the northern European principality of Ardennes, archery isn’t just the nation’s defense. It’s the national obsession.


12 young Journeyman archers, the best in the country
2 years of public competitions, in which looks count almost as much as ability
6 will win a coveted membership in the Archers’ Guild of St. Sebastian
1 will become the prince’s new Guardsman


15-year-old Marieke is as obsessed with St. Sebastian’s as everyone else in Ardennes. Only it’s the middle ages, and girls just don’t become elite archers. Except Marieke’s prospects as a girl aren’t promising either, after a well-timed kick from a mule has left her with a face that’s badly scarred and ruined for marriage. But when circumstances force her to leave her old life behind and flee to the guild for refuge, there are only two things Marieke really knows about the place. One is that a mysterious accident ended her own father’s time as a Journey. The other?
There are no women allowed inside St. Sebastian’s.

Marieke knows disguising herself as a boy and infiltrating the guild means embarking on a dangerous deception. But it may be her only chance to find out the truth about her father’s past and to stop a murderous plot from coming to fruition. When the dashing young Journeyman Tristan takes her under his wing as his squire, she’s got to stay – at least long enough to help him beat out his brutal arch-rival to win the competitions.

Keeping her identity a secret will be hard. Living in close quarters with a pack of gorgeous boys? That will be harder still. But the hardest thing of all will be keeping the vow she makes for herself: to see Tristan become the next Guardsman, without ever letting him find out she’s a girl – a girl, who loves him.

Part Robin Hood and part Princess Bride, with a pinch of Mulan and a dash of Cyrano de Bergerac in the mix, The Archers of St. Sebastian I: Journeys is a humorous action and adventure saga inspired by late medieval/early Renaissance Belgium and packed with romance, wit, and longbow archery. Perfect for adults who love young adult themes, Journeys is an escape into the past that reads more like romantic historical fantasy than pure historical fiction.

Unrequited love? Ugly heroines who stay ugly? Friendship, coming of age, romance, adventure, and plenty of archery competitions? A unique setting inspired by the glorious city of Bruges, with a richly imagined, immersive world set within the walls of a male-only archers’ guild? Journeys: The Archers of Saint Sebastianhas it all, so if you’re looking for a great escape, don your disguise and join Marieke as she enters the forbidden world of Saint Sebastian’s, and prepare to fall in love with the Journeys – that is, the twelve best and most beautiful archers in all of Ardennes, the Journeyman archers of St. Sebastian’s.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Roland hails from Davis, California, where she spent most of her youth lounging at the pool, soaking up the sun, and daydreaming. She had a key ring that read ‘I’m running away to join the circus,’ and her favorite moment of the day was when the local movie theater went dark, and the slogan ‘escape to the movies’ appeared on the screen. As an adult, her passions include all things melodramatic and beautiful — everything from classic movies, British romantic poetry, ancient tragedy and epic, to Italian opera. She is now a professor of Classics in a small midwestern town, where she lives with her Greek husband, her fraternal twins, and a Bernese mountain dog named Franco Corelli.

Visit www.jeanneroland.com and www.nepenthepress.com for more about Roland’s upcoming projects. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

Blog Tour Schedule

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