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by Michelle Muriel

Publication Date: January 11, 2022

Series: Essie’s Roses, Book 2
Genre: Historical Fiction



From bestselling author Michelle Muriel comes the sequel to the #1 bestseller Essie’s Roses, set during the Reconstruction Era post Civil War, Westland is a moving, gripping historical novel about family secrets, forgiveness, and the meaning of home.

Evil men wait a lifetime to get even.

On an Alabama plantation before the Civil War, two little girls find freedom, Evie the planter’s daughter and Essie Mae, a slave. Now, women, divided by the aftermath of war they must find their way back home.

Alabama, 1866. The Civil War’s aftermath tests family bonds as the women at Westland: Miss Katie, kind mistress and heiress, Evie, her daughter, Essie Mae, an intelligent freed slave, and Delly a former slave and Westland’s sassy matriarch, confront the mysteries and secrets of Westland’s past to hold on to freedom and each other.

As Rebel fires and lawlessness rage in the South, Evie and Essie Mae return to the home of their troubled pasts: Westland, an unproductive plantation. With a new vision, renewed hope, and the tranquility of Miss Katie’s secret garden, they learn to dream again, but a mysterious stranger from Westland’s past threatens to tear them apart. Delly warns unearthing family secrets may do it for them.

When Evie’s stepfather James receives letters threatening Westland and Essie, he will move heaven and earth to keep Evie and Essie safe with a surprising twist he prays will usher in the true freedom they all deserve. Westland is an unforgettable, moving novel about the power of forgiveness, the families we create, and the consequences of the secrets we leave behind. One woman will pay the ultimate sacrifice as the women at Westland learn: freedom isn’t free.

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WESTLAND (Essie’s Roses Book 2) BOOK TRAILER (HD) – A novel by Michelle Muriel from Michelle Muriel on Vimeo.

Praise for Westland

“. . . skillfully structured, with dramatic truths revealed unexpectedly. An often engaging look into the complex history of the American South.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Emotions are running high from the very beginning . . . the plot of the story is fantastic. It has just the right amount of twists, action, and suspense to keep the story flowing seamlessly.” 5 stars! — Readers’ Favorite

“Flowers bloom and families split apart in this sequel to Muriel’s historical fiction debut.
The characters of pre–American Civil War era Essie’s Roses are back in Westland, an Alabama plantation where the ‘willows hold secrets, until the night air sweeps through their leaves, scattering them in the wind and into our ears.’ The novel explores themes of forgiveness, freedom, and found families through the voices of diverse women: Katie, Evie, Essie Mae, and Black matriarch and housekeeper Delly. The multiple perspectives put the focus on what is perhaps the novel’s most complex character—Westland itself—and its essential nature. Questions of what it means to be free and independent as a woman, and especially as a Black woman, are addressed with nuance and care through Evie’s and Essie Mae’s voices. . . . the plot is skillfully structured, with dramatic truths revealed unexpectedly. An often engaging look into the complex history of the American South.” — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Essie’s Roses

“Michelle Muriel’s tremendously impressive debut centers on the experiences of four remarkable women. A richly moving reading experience.” — Historical Novel Society

“Impressively well written from beginning to end, Essie’s Roses is an inherently absorbing and skillfully presented read, establishing author Michelle Muriel as an exceptionally talented novelist.” — Midwest Book Review

“Miss Muriel’s novel is a thing of beauty. Overall, Essie’s Roses will make you laugh and cry, but most of all, appreciate the innocence of children’s friendship. 5 stars!” — Readers’ Favorite

“ . . . Ms. Muriel writes in four such distinct voices I felt like I was in the space with each one. . . . exceptionally well written and it was very hard to put down. 5 Stars!” — Patty Woodland, Books, Cooks, Looks

“. . . all I can say is – wow, what an amazing read. Michelle Muriel has penned a wonderfully moving work of fiction – and one that will leave no reader with a dry eye. Five stars!” — Feathered Quill

About the Author

Michelle Muriel is the award-winning, bestselling author of the #1 historical fiction bestseller ESSIE’S ROSES, WESTLAND (Essie’s Roses 2), and WATER LILY DANCE. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, and worked as a professional actress, a member of Actors’ Equity and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for twenty years, doing theater, voice-over, and commercial work. Michelle transferred her skills in complex character development and historical research into writing heartbreaking, heart-mending historical, literary fiction. Her novels poetically explore the secret sides of life, stories told from multiple points of view by strong female characters in history harboring secrets and breaking norms fighting for freedom. She is also a songwriter and musician. Michelle lives in Missouri with her husband, Michael.

Website | Facebook | BookBub | Goodreads

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Halley Larkin on Blog Tour for Midnight Masquerade, January 10-14

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Midnight Masquerade
by Halley Larkin

Publication Date: January 10, 2022

Series: The Brightley Sisters, Book 1
Genre: Historical Romance



A duke with a past. A lady with no future. One magical night could change everything.

Lady Charmaine Brightley will soon lose her place in the world. Her father is ill and when he passes, a distant male cousin will inherit his title and the family estate. In the meantime, London society flocks to Charmaine’s lavish parties. Whimsical games of chance are the highlight of any evening at Cortwood Manor, games designed to raise money for the so-called “deserving” poor.

Behind the scenes, Charmaine fancies herself a modern-day Robin Hood. Proceeds from her parties support women shunned by the same ladies and gentleman drawn to Cortwood. If the ton ever discovered the true nature of Charmaine’s philanthropy, the revelation would ruin her family. Not that Charmaine cares what anyone thinks. Ever since her devastating first season, she has given up on love. With a promise to her dying mother to always look after her younger sisters, circumstances dictate a respectable attachment to a gentleman of means. What more would she want, really? As far as Charmaine is concerned, passion is a ridiculous dream, meant only for the young and foolish.

Until a dashing stranger appears at her midsummer masquerade, that is. And Charmaine soon wonders if romance might still be in her cards.

After an ill-fated duel, Duke Konstantin Rostov abandoned Russia for England. Kosta doesn’t miss the glamorous life he once enjoyed, or so he tries to tell himself. He is now a fugitive, marked for death by the powerful tsar and hiding in London. For a man accustomed to privilege and power, nothing is worse than indentured servitude to a cruel stepfather, Lord Trenholm.

Determined to restore both his reputation and that of the family he shamed, Kosta sneaks away to Lady Charmaine’s masquerade. He intends to meet Lord Cortham, his stepfather’s former business partner, who knows Trenholm’s darkest secrets. At Cortwood, Kosta finds the lord of the manor is unwell and can’t receive guests. But Kosta’s spirits soon lift when he dances with the alluring Charmaine Brightley.

For years, Kosta restricted his amorous affairs to women who were discreet, worldly, and married. These private flings safeguarded the ladies, as well as his own damaged ego. Despite the thrilling connection between them, Kosta understands he has no place in Charmaine’s life. Lord Cortham’s eldest daughter is destined to marry a gentleman of her station. In another life, Duke Konstantin would have been a perfect match. In his current state, Kosta could never aspire so high. When his stepfather sends him back to Cortwood, however, Kosta can’t resist the opportunity to see Charmaine one more time. Even if it means spying on her during a mysterious trip to London. Even if he must continue to hide his identity.

Reunited, Kosta and Charmaine find their mutual desire catches fire. But Lord Trenholm has his own reasons for pushing them together. Duke Konstantin has become part of his stepfather’s dangerous agenda. And Trenholm’s plans for his family’s future could destroy Charmaine Brightley, the woman who has finally captured Kosta’s heart.

Available on Amazon


Author Halley Larkin

My forthcoming series features three free-spirited sisters preparing to leave an estate they love, but cannot inherit. Along the way, their fates are entangled with those of a disgraced duke, a missing heir, and a brash young earl: gentlemen with passion in their hearts and complicated pasts. The first in the series, MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, is now available for pre-order. The novella prequel MAID TAKES MARQUESS is coming soon.

As a reader, I enjoy witty novels full of sexual tension, dark secrets, and suspenseful twists. My favorite authors include Courtney Milan, Philippa Gregory, Alyssa Cole, Gillian Flynn, George R.R. Martin, and Lisa See. When I’m not reading or writing, you might find me planning a costume for the next San Diego Comic-Con or looking up a recipe from a Victorian cookbook. I live in California with a spoiled tabby cat named Jonesy.

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Enter to win a copy of Midnight Masquerade by Halley Larkin!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on January 14th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

Midnight Masquerade

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

B.B. Shamp on Blog Tour for A Wife in Watercolor, January 17-26

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A Wife in Watercolor
by B. B. Shamp

Publication Date: November 16, 2021
Secant Publishing, LLC
Hardcover, Paperback & eBook

Genre: Historical African Fiction



One woman’s status is seared into her skin. The other has no freedom. Can they disrupt a colony built on privilege before they face the gallows?

Chesapeake Bay, 1747. Sarah Wise would give anything to feel safe. Homeless and mourning her kidnapped little girl, the widowed housekeeper makes a shrewd decision to accept a marriage offer from wealthy shipping tradesman Robert Morris, Sr. But after she witnesses the abuse of his slaves and he brands her with the company seal, she’s petrified she’ll always be a mistress and never a wife.

Yearie longs for a more just system. Endlessly loyal to the young mother who controls her manumission, the enslaved woman works hard to open her owner’s eyes to the cruelty of their master-servant culture. But as her heart burns for a man she can’t openly love and her calculated disruptions draw unwanted attention, she’s terrified change is slowly slipping through her fingers.

Heeding Yearie’s outcry, Sarah secretly teams up with an underground network to put right what she can in their master’s business dealings. And with Yearie clearing the path for revolution but still hopelessly hitched to the wrong wagon, she fears she’s made a costly mistake in laying her freedom in Sarah’s hands.

Will their courageous play for a modicum of respect push them both into an unmarked grave?

In this harrowing journey into pre-Revolutionary America, B.B. Shamp brings to life the true fighting spirit of women suffering under an iron-fisted patriarchal society. Transporting you to a fascinating era and revealing the vivid voice of unsung champions and their richly detailed fight for survival, you’ll be gripped all the way to its shocking conclusion.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Bookshop | IndieBound

About the Author

B.B. Shamp grew up in the Washington, D.C. metro area, a victim of wholesale parochial education offset by a wild imagination and a burgeoning resistance to uniformity. She began journaling at the age of nine, wrote her first short story based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew at eleven, then dusted off her hands and put it in a drawer. Years later, a career teaching public high school ended when she fell off a ladder, blew a slew of pulmonary embolisms and suffered a near death experience. Rehabilitation included journaling, and suddenly she was reborn to what she loved best: writing.

Her first contemporary mystery/suspense novel, Third Haven earned first place with both the Delaware Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women. A sequel, The Grist Mill Bone, was a finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Award and Eric Hoffer’s Da Vinci Eye Award for cover design.

B.B. Shamp lives on an inland tidal bay where a moment of Zen can be found in the tilt of a blue heron’s long neck, a broad sweep of serrated clouds, or a mundane conversation about crabs with a local waterman. Her passions include environmental advocacy, improving education policy, and providing college scholarships to young women. She is forevermore, a writer.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Liana LeFey on Blog Tour for Tempting the Vicar, January 17-31

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Tempting the Vicar
by Liana LeFey

Publication Date: January 17, 2022
Entangled Publishing (Amara)

Series: The Wicked Waywards, Book #2
Genre: Historical Romance



After his twin brother pulls a foolish prank, Reverend Daniel Wayward’s life is now decidedly complicated. With his family, his parish, and even his reputation at risk, there’s only one way to avoid utter ruin—by swapping places with his rakish, wicked twin. And the second Daniel steps foot into his brother’s worldly and sinful life in London, he’s completely caught by temptation of the most enticing, green-eyed kind.

Miss Olivia St. Peters knows the son of the duke is a dangerous fellow, but something in those hooded, hungry blue eyes makes her blood sing with pleasure. She’s determined to have this Wayward noble, no matter what Society—or even her father—says about the match. And if that means playing with fire, she’ll gladly burn…

The more Daniel resists the oh-so-inviting charms of Olivia, the more determined she is to have him. Now he’s caught between his vows of faith and the lure of sweet temptation. And the only thing standing between his heart and his immortal soul is one unforgivable deception…

About the Author

As a romance author, I delight in crafting incendiary tales that capture the heart and the imagination, taking the reader out of the now and into another world. Regardless of whether you choose to dive into the past, leap into the future, or lose yourself in another realm entirely, between the pages you’ll find deep emotional journeys and passionate romance!

The splendor of the Georgian period (1714-1837) provides a lush, glittering backdrop for my sizzling historical romances. Between the pages of my early Georgian pieces you’ll find sensuous lovers, lavish royal courts, and deadly intrigues. My Regencies look back to an era of refined manners and strict propriety, while revealing the secret, wicked desires of its elegant ladies and courtly gentlemen. In my sci-fi romances, love transcends all boundaries and spans a future of endless possibility based on what we’re learning about our universe today. My fantasy romances will take you on a quest through realms both familiar and unknown, with characters and creatures from myth and folklore, and of course include powerful magic paired with that most potent of all enchantments: love.

I live in Central Texas with my dashing hero/husband of 20+ years and our beautiful daughter. I’m also privileged to serve (and it is most definitely servitude) one spoiled-rotten feline overlord. I adore chocolate and just about anything involving the words “salted caramel.” When my brain is too fried to weave stories, I read (of course), watch movies or binge-watch television series, make jewelry, sketch, write music, practice calligraphy, write letters to friends, and knit scarves.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Out Front the Following Sea
by Leah Angstman

Publication Date: January 11, 2022
Regal House Publishing
Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook; 334 pages

Genre: Historical / Literary / Epic



**Shortlisted for the Chaucer Book Award**

OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a historical epic of one woman’s survival in a time when the wilderness is still wild, heresy is publicly punishable, and being independent is worse than scorned—it is a death sentence.

At the onset of King William’s War between French and English settlers in 1689 New England, Ruth Miner is accused of witchcraft for the murder of her parents and must flee the brutality of her town. She stows away on the ship of the only other person who knows her innocence: an audacious sailor—Owen—bound to her by years of attraction, friendship, and shared secrets. But when Owen’s French ancestry finds him at odds with a violent English commander, the turmoil becomes life-or-death for the sailor, the headstrong Ruth, and the cast of Quakers, Pequot Indians, soldiers, highwaymen, and townsfolk dragged into the fray. Now Ruth must choose between sending Owen to the gallows or keeping her own neck from the noose.

Steeped in historical events and culminating in a little-known war on pre-American soil, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a story of early feminism, misogyny, arbitrary rulings, persecution, and the treatment of outcasts, with parallels still mirrored and echoed in today’s society. The debut novel will appeal to readers of Paulette Jiles, Alexander Chee, Hilary Mantel, James Clavell, Bernard Cornwell, TaraShea Nesbit, Geraldine Brooks, Stephanie Dray, Patrick O’Brian, and E. L. Doctorow.

Regal House Print | Amazon Kindle


“An absorbing, painstakingly researched read that, like the sea itself, mirrors the beauty, cruelty, enormity, baseness, and wonder of human nature. It is chilling that Angstman’s debut novel set in seventeenth-century New England captures the horrors that continue to plague contemporary America, particularly with regard to imperialism and patriarchy. It is heart-swelling that, in these pages and in life, the best of humankind resists and endures. I’ll remember this book as a historical tale woven with wry humor, striking detail, lush prose, daring characters, and a belief in glorious possibilities.”

“Rich in deeply researched detail, and peopled by complex characters, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a fascinating story that is bound to entrance readers of historical fiction.”
—Kathleen Grissom, author of THE KITCHEN HOUSE and GLORY OVER EVERYTHING

“From the squalor, prejudice, and violence of seventeenth-century America, Leah Angstman has summoned to life the most extraordinary young woman. Ruth Miner insists on surviving, building a life, and being true to her odd independent self, despite the whole world seeing her as worthless filth. Angstman creates a hypnotically real and brutal world and then manages to infuse it with humor and beauty and a moving tale of love. The reader will follow Ruth Miner anywhere, and be the richer for it.”
—Heather O’Neill, author of WHEN WE LOSE OUR HEADS

“With OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, Leah Angstman reveals herself as a brave new voice in historical fiction. With staggering authenticity, Angstman gives us a story of America before it was America—an era rife with witch hunts and colonial intrigue and New World battles all but forgotten in our history books and popular culture. This is historical fiction that speaks to the present, recalling the bold spirits and cultural upheavals of a nation yet to be born.”

“Steeped in lush prose, authentic period detail, and edge-of-your-seat action, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a rollicking good read. Leah Angstman keeps the story moving at a breathtaking pace, and she knows more 17th-century seafaring language and items of everyday use than you can shake a stick at. The result is a compelling work of romance, adventure, and historical illumination that pulls the reader straight in.”
—Rilla Askew, author of FIRE IN BEULAH, THE MERCY SEAT, and KIND OF KIN

“Lapidary in its research and lively in its voice, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA by Leah Angstman is a rollicking story, racing along with wind in its sails. Though her tale unfolds hundreds of years in America’s past, Ruth Miner is the kind of high-spirited heroine whose high adventures haul you in and hold you fast.”

“Leah Angstman has written the historical novel that I didn’t know I needed to read. OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is set in an oft-forgotten time in the brutal wilds of pre-America that is so vividly and authentically drawn, with characters that are so alive and relevant, and a narrative so masterfully paced and plotted, that Angstman has performed the miracle of layering the tumultuous past over our troubled present to gift us a sparkling new reality.”

“OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a fascinating book, the kind of historical novel that evokes its time and place so vividly that the effect is just shy of hallucinogenic. I enjoyed it immensely.”

“OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a meticulously researched novel that mixes history, love story, and suspense. Watching Angstman’s willful protagonist, Ruth Miner, openly challenge the brutal world of 17th-century New England, with its limiting ideas about gender, race, and science, was a delight.”
—Aline Ohanesian, author of ORHAN’S INHERITANCE

“Leah Angstman is a gifted storyteller with a poet’s sense of both beauty and darkness, and her stunning historical novel, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, establishes her as one of the most exciting young novelists in the country. Angstman plunges the reader into a brilliantly realized historical milieu peopled by characters real enough to touch. And in Ruth Miner, we are introduced to one of the most compelling protagonists in contemporary literature, a penetratingly intelligent, headstrong woman who is trying to survive on her wits alone in a Colonial America that you won’t find in the history books. A compulsive, vivid read that will change the way you look at the origins of our country, Leah Angstman’s OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA announces the arrival of a preternatural talent.”
—Ashley Shelby, author of MURI and SOUTH POLE STATION

“Rich, lyrical, and atmospheric, with a poet’s hand and a historian’s attention to detail. In OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, Leah Angstman creates an immersive world for readers to get lost in and a fascinating story to propel them through it. A thoroughly engaging and compelling tale.”

“It’s a rare story that makes you thankful for having read and experienced it. It’s rarer still for a story to evoke so wholly, so powerfully, another place and time as to make you thankful for the gifts that exist around you, which you take for granted. OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA is a book rich with misery, yet its characters are indefatigable; they yearn, despite their troubles, for victories personal and societal. Leah Angstman’s eye is keen, and her ability to transport you into America’s beginnings is powerful. With the raw ingredients of history, she creates a story both dashing and pensive, robust yet believable. From an unforgiving time, Angstman draws out a tale of all things inhuman, but one that reminds us of that which is best in all of us.”
—Eric Shonkwiler, author of ABOVE ALL MEN and 8TH STREET POWER AND LIGHT

“A challenging, exquisitely researched, epic, and stunning work of historical fiction that we don’t expect but definitely need, OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA magnificently captures the color of its time and settings. Angstman is an old soul who writes with the same flair that Hawthorne displayed in The Scarlet Letter and Jack London in The Sea-Wolf. She paints a past America without concealing its flaws, creating a lucid, masterfully crafted narrative and a fascinating fusion of history, intrigue, adventure, action, and romance that will immediately pull you in from the very first page. Angstman is a powerful writer, showing us bold imagery, nail-biting conflicts, and history that comes alive in the paragraphs, including banned languages and interesting dialects. You may forget you’re reading a book and feel like you’re living with the characters. The pace is perfect, and the action is enough to make you hold your breath.”
—Readers’ Favorite (five-starred review)

“A sweeping tale of intrigue, romance, and feminist power amidst the tumult of colonial North America. …Historical fiction, romance, and action-lovers alike will find something to enjoy in OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA. Keeping readers on their toes with ever-changing scenery and vibrant characters, Leah Angstman has recreated British Colonial America with a modern twist… [Her] story will beguile and compel readers, leaving them waiting for Angstman’s next book.”
—Independent Book Review

“This book moved me in ways that I didn’t expect. …The deeply researched and historically authentic world is vivid and immersive, and it captivated me from the first pages.”
—One Book More

“Ruth is an unforgettable strong woman with the independence of Kya Clark from Where the Crawdads Sing and the fortitude of Demelza from the Poldark series. I wanted to know whether Ruth survived and, if so, how she conquered the challenges she faced as an orphaned young woman in a harsh, patriarchal environment…Angstman uses a broad vocabulary, brutal descriptions, and colloquialisms (i.e. God’s teeth!) to immerse you in the time period [and] the characters were phenomenal. I recommend this book for anyone who loves historical fiction or stories about strong women.”
—Book Picks and Pics

About the Author

Leah Angstman is a historian and transplanted Michigander living in Boulder. OUT FRONT THE FOLLOWING SEA, her debut novel of King William’s War in 17th-century New England, is forthcoming from Regal House in January 2022. Her writing has been a finalist for the Saluda River Prize, Cowles Book Prize, Able Muse Book Award, Bevel Summers Fiction Prize, and Chaucer Book Award, and has appeared in Publishers Weekly, L.A. Review of Books, Nashville Review, Slice, and elsewhere. She serves as editor-in-chief for Alternating Current and The Coil magazine and copyeditor for Underscore News, which has included editing partnerships with ProPublica. She is an appointed vice chair of a Colorado historical commission and liaison to a Colorado historic preservation committee.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Medium | Ello | Mailing List

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The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on February 4th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

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