When Starlings Fly as One
by Nancy Blanton

Publication Date: June 23, 2021
Ellys-Daughtrey Books

Genre: Historical Fiction



Based on a true story of the 1641 Rebellion and Ireland’s longest siege, When Starlings Fly as One is not a classic hero’s journey, but a story of war, struggle, spirit, and survival—a story of two sides.

Secretive and often bold, Merel de Vries seeks only escape from the English nobility she serves. When Rathbarry Castle is besieged by rising Irish clans, she faces an impossible choice: allegiance to owner Sir Arthur Freke, loyalty to new-found love Tynan O’Daly, and inner yearnings belonging to her alone.

On the wind-swept coast near the village of Ross, the English settlers hoping to build a new life now seek shelter within the castle. Rathbarry’s former owners, the MacCarthy clan and its followers, have brought their armies to take it all back.

To Merel, a Dutch orphan, both sides are heroic and both sides seem unspeakably cruel. Worse still, the people she loves are on different ends of the struggle.

With no access to food or supplies, the castle residents face starvation, disease, and the constant fear of death. Sir Arthur is desperate to find a solution for rescue. Merel insists she can help—but no one will listen. When opportunity comes, can she truly do what her spirit urges? Or, will a sudden betrayal change everything?

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About the Author

When Starlings Fly as One is Nancy Blanton’s fourth novel taking place in 17th century Ireland. Each of her books has won literary medals and favorable reviews. Her blog, My Lady’s Closet, focuses on writing, books, historical fiction, research, and travel. She was born in Miami, Florida, earned degrees in journalism and mass communication, and continues to live in Florida with her husband and two cats. Her love of Ireland stems from her father and grandmother, and her own unforgettable experiences on the Emerald Isle.

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